Human-Curated Media Monitoring and Intelligence

Comprehensive News Monitoring, Social Media Tracking, and PR Measurement – done by REAL people!

Media Monitoring

Me-d-a Monitoring compiles top-notch technology and expert human decisions to deliver the best media monitoring results. We monitor the entire traditional and social media landscape, eliminate inappropriate results and hand-pick relevant news content for your daily news briefs. We measure your brand impact, analyze media content, and write contextual summaries for your media analysis reports.

Executive News Briefs

Me-d-a news briefs are tailored to your specific needs and delivered at the time and frequency you specify. Your news briefs are compiled from traditional, online and social media outlets. All media mentions are read and hand-picked by analysts exclusively assigned to your project, giving you a clear and early view of emerging threats, competition activities, and critical news that could impact your industry or issue.

Media Analysis Reports

In-depth analysis of both qualitative and quantitative media metrics is key to measuring and managing a successful PR, media or public affairs strategy. This in-depth analysis measures audience size, the way messages are interpreted, and how effectively messages are delivered and reputations are managed. To derive crucial metrics and key insights, our analysts go far beyond traditional tactics and automation to provide expert in-depth analysis.

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Upgrade the way you monitor

How do Me-d-a Monitoring analysts capture more media mentions? When it comes to a noisy media environment, it takes a lot of time and brainpower to recognize and sort relevant mentions. Years of experience in tracking relevant media information and expertise in analyzing that information help our analysts successfully meet your media demands. Our analysts exceed traditional and digital searches and other analysis methods to capture your entire media landscape and deliver it to you – when you need it.

Zero Coverage Gaps

We follow robust monitoring tactics to extract all your relevant content available in media, even behind paywalls.

Maximum Relevance

Our analysts carefully read your entire media coverage, understand the key points and hand-pick the best results for you.

Analyst-Curated Reports

Choose custom topics for your news briefs and our analysts will manually organize your monitoring and coverage around your chosen topics.

Credible Measurement

Technology-based measurement tools are combined with human intelligence to provide clear and credible measurement of any issue.

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Client Testimonials

The human touch is a critical piece of media monitoring in a complex industry. Me-d-a Monitoring does an excellent job curating and delivering our daily report. Working with this team made my life easier – exactly what I believe is the point of media monitoring service. After years of automated platform services, I firmly held that human intervention is required for effective media monitoring and this team does just that. I get detailed analytics to inform my media relations efforts, immediate responses for any questions, and flexibility in terms of needs/deliverables.

DentaQuest, USA

Me-d-a Monitoring is the best media news monitoring & analysis team which works great for our clients! The team always do more for us, frequently assisting with all last-minute requests and queries, and helping us serve our clients the best. They hold a deep understanding of the business and its customers, and offer strong counsel and direction whenever required.

Hostlyx, India

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